Whom do you love?

How many do you love?

How do you love?

None of that matters as much as your desire to love!

Sometimes you need support to connect in your

 relationships in the way you desire. 


I offer mindfulness based coaching for individuals, couples, and more-somes that seek to better understand themselves and their relationships. The whom, how, when, and why matters not to me. I am here without

 judgement, ready to help you meet your connection goals. 


I have been in the field of counseling for 15 years, but now focus my work on   mindfulness coaching, and yoga. I bring years of diverse experience to empowering individuals and couples to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. I take this work seriously, but rarely myself. My clients and students appreciate the acceptance, laughter and insight I offer. I work to bring a unique blend of inspiration, encouragement, fun, and comfort to our time together. I will gently, but firmly push your mind, heart, and relationship to new levels of connection. Let's be expansive together!

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Expansive Connection Counseling and Coaching

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